When I started this blog yesterday, I thought 1) I probably wouldn’t post every day. 2) I probably won’t post shows in chronological order and 3) I’d try not to post tracks from shows I did not attend.  That said, I also figured I better get some more tracks up here quickly or it was going to be a pretty boring blog.  So, in chronological order from the show I posted about yesterday, here’s a show I did not attend.  Not only did I not attend it, but it’s not even a show.  The day after the Townshend show, the band headed down to Beantown for a recording session at Wendell Studios.

From that session, here’s an early version of Rift:

and great version of A-Train:

You can find a lossless version of the entire session at: http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=7210  There is a bunch of other great stuff on there….