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5/10/91 Colby College, Waterville, Maine


This was a really fun show.  We got to the venue super early in the afternoon and it was a beautiful sunny day on campus. We got there and met up with the promoter of the show who was a student and lived in a teepee back up behind the venue in the woods.  It was a sweet teepee and we hung out there for a good part of the afternoon.  I always thought it was cool of Colby to let a student live in his own teepee on campus.   Earlier in the day, on the way to the show we were listening to a tape we had called “Private Party ’87”.  It was also labeled by some people at the time as 1/1/87. It turned out later to actually be the widely circulated and classic Ian McLean’s Farm show from 8/21/87.  We were listening to this on the way to show, blazed I’m sure, and the McGrupp comes on.  At about the 5:30 mark in McGrupp the song changes to what I was positive was a 1987 Chalkdust Torture jam.  Listening back now it is a little bit of a stretch but not entirely.  An hour or so after we get to Colby I find myself standing next to Trey at the urinals.  Being the loudmouth I am (and the noob that I was) I tell Trey all about the “Chalkdust” jam in the middle of McGrupp.  He just kind of looks over and says, “Huh? Chalkdust and McGrupp…” and walks off.  That night, what do we get during the middle of the second set but a McGrupp>Chalkdust!  The Duck and I bugged out!

Check it:

Set 1David BowieCavern > Ya MarDinner and a Movie > The SlothThe LandladyBathtub GinBuried Alive > The LizardsPossum

Set 2Golgi ApparatusHarry HoodWilson > Poor HeartFoamMcGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters > Chalk Dust TortureHold Your Head Up > Love You >Hold Your Head UpMike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove

EncoreTake the ‘A’ Train > Highway to Hell

Pretty much a dream setlist in my opinion, I mean it’s almost irresponsible of the band to play that many sick songs back to back!   The venue itself was very cool.  Super small with a wrap-around balcony off the floor and a higher one that Duck attached his mics to.  Bowie is one of my favorite openers and this one has a long drawn out intro.  At the time it seemed like the longest intro ever.  By the time Golgi started the second set we were out of our heads and needed some fresh air.  The Duck and I headed outside and laid on the ground outside of the venue listening to the music and watching the stars spin.  It was during Harry Hood that one of two girls walked past us as they were leaving the show and uttered the uber-classic line “I wish they would play some music you could dance to.”  We majorly cracked up for a good five minutes and headed back in for the rest of the show.  It was shortly thereafter that they dropped the McGrupp>Chalkdust and of course I made sure to take full credit for it.  The rest of the second set was awesome and I remember the Weekapaug bass intro being particularly nasty.  Back then an A-Train>Highway to Hell encore was just another day at the office for the Phish but we still soaked it up for all it was worth.  A great night and worth a listen for sure.  That night we all camped out before driving to Burlington for the last ever shows at The Front.  Sleeping in a field under the stars (which were still spinning) was an amazing way to finish the night even though we woke up with soaked sleeping bags and freezing.

Check out the “bucket of lard” Mike’s Groove: 

Also check out the McGrupp from 8/21/87 with the purported/imagined “Chalkdust” jam.  Even if it is not a Chalkdust jam, it’s bitchin’: 

The Duck had borrowed our friends DAT deck and Schoeps and got amazing pulls of this night and the following two.  Of course, his mom threw them away by mistake (my mom only ever threw away my 10th  row Halloween ’96 tickets).  I still have the analogs and should transfer them but at this point there are not a lot of great AUD sources for this show (that I know of).  The soundboard is OK, but a little sterile in my opinion.

MP3 (sbd) can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/?qxyc8mediyy96

8/3/91 Amy’s Farm, Auburn, ME.

Amy’s Farm.  Hard to believe it was twenty years ago.  It’s one of those ones that seems like yesterday in some respects, but in many other respects it seems like a lifetime (or two) ago.  We first heard about Amy’s Farm  at the Arrowhead Ranch shows in July.  Trey made an announcement from the stage, but I don’t remember hearing it.  I do remember walking through the parking lot and seeing a handbill attached to every car windshield, including mine (I also found another one waiting in my mailbox when I got back from the show) . It was a no-brainer.  All we had to do was finish up the Horn Tour, take a little breather and head up to Maine.  We headed up to the site the day before the show after spending most of the morning around the beaches of Portsmouth, NH.  It was a beautiful NH/Maine summer afternoon as we headed up the Maine Pike to Amy’s horse farm.  We pulled in around 4 or 5 and had a pick of places to set up camp, there were only a handful of cars there when we arrived. When you pulled in, the house and barn were just on your left as you entered. We immediately took a right into a large field and went down the slightly sloping field to where it  ended at a flat spot ringed by trees.  There were a ton of places to camp: along the trees like we were or on top of one of the many rolling hills that dotted the field .  There were a bunch of these little hilltops that you had to walk across to get to the stage which was a few hundred yards from where we set up our tents.  More of our friends arrived in the early evening and we had a pretty decent crew of about 5 or 6 tents and maybe 15-20 friends by morning.  Hard to say how many total folks had arrived the night before, but by the morning of the show, cars were starting to pile in and set up camp.  We were up pretty early as it was bright, sunny and hot by 10AM.  My earliest memory of show day was Amy coming up to our campsite on horseback and collecting a few bucks from everyone to re-seed the fields.  We gladly paid and told her how stoked and thankful we were and how awesome her land was.  It was a beautiful, rolling hills horse farm in the middle of Maine, and the weather was absolutely perfect.  We hung around the campsite until noon or so and made the 5 minute trek over the hills and through the woods to the venue.  The venue consisted of the stage in another field, with trees ringing the whole area.  There was a giant water truck spraying people (ala 8/27/72) and a few vendors including this couple who had this seitan booth where they were selling these insane seitan wraps. Wonder whatever happened to those guys.  The whole vibe of this show was possibly the most laid back of any Phish show I have ever attended.  People were just milling about, making friends, doing bong hits 3 feet from the stage, generally just soaking up the sun and atmosphere. There was no security, police or even real event staff- zero, zilch, nada.  I am sure there was a first aid booth, but beyond that, this show seemed like a giant keg party with a stage.  We were all sitting about 10 or 15 feet from the stage, with tons of room while Mike, Page and Fish are just walking around  by the stage talking to people and getting ready to go on when Trey comes cruising in from the back of the field on his Harley (no helmet) and rides right up to the stage.  It was bad ass.  He hops off and after a few minutes they all amble up on the stage and they start of with that classic Wilson intro from Amy (which is partially cut off on some sources):

Set 1Wilson > FoamRunaway JimGuelah PapyrusLlamaFeeThe Squirming Coil > Poor Heart > The SlothThe Divided SkyGolgi Apparatus

Set 2The Curtain > RebaChalk Dust TortureBouncing Around the RoomTweezerEsther > CavernI Didn’t KnowYou Enjoy Myself[1]Rocky Top

Set 3StashYa MarFluffhead > Lawn Boy > My Sweet OneThe LizardsBuried Alive[2] > Possum[3]

EncoreMagillaSelf[4]Bitchin’ Again[5]Crimes of the Mind[6]

Encore 2Harry Hood.

The show seemed to go on and on.  We would go back and forth from the campground during the show or during the breaks…Went back with my girlfriend to knock boots in the tent during YEM, which was the first and only time I ever did that during the actual show.  You could hear the band perfectly in the tent.  I’ll also never forget standing next to the stage 3′ from Fishman and yelling out Harry Hood a half-second before they went into it for the 4th and last encore song.  Shit was sick.

After the show we all walked back to the tents.  I got punched square in the face by a biker guy, and strangely enough didn’t even feel a thing.  That night these two twins with a Dead cover band called Double Dose played their set in the campground.  I remember a pretty decent Lazy Lightning.  The last thing I remember was trying to go sleep in my tent and the people next to us were BLASTING Terrapin Station (the studio album).  It was kind of a drag, and I think I finally passed out during Sunrise, thank god. The next morning we woke up and it was a torrential downpour.  Not just a little drizzle, but practically sheeting. Our tent was filled with a ton of water.  We just threw all of the wet gear in the car and got out of there as fast as we could.  It was quickly turning into a mud bath.  We got onto the Maine Turnpike and we can barely see through all the rain, even with the wipers on high.  Who pulls in front of me, but Trey on  his Harley, braving the storm with a passenger (his girlfriend/wife?) on the back.  All I could think about was that he was going to crash and I was going to run him over and Amy’s Farm was going to be the last show.  Seriously.  I pulled over to the next lane and slowly pulled ahead, all the time thinking I was going to hit him.

Amy’s Farm is not a show I really ever listen to, and my fond memories of it are primarily based on the friends, setting, scene and just the whole amazing experience of it, rather than the music.  In listening to the show for the first time in years for this post, I realized there are some really solid musical moments.  The Divided Sky is amazing, and a great sounding soundboard of that track was just released on here: http://www.livephish.com/music/0,638/Phish-mp3-flac-download-Live-Bait-Vol-05.html

The first set combo of Squirming Coil->Poor Heart->Sloth is also super worthy and gives a good feel for the tone of the show.  Too bad there are not better sources around for this show….

The whole show can be found here in MP3:


and the lossless is here:


Also check out Parker’s great Amy’s Farm 20 year article here: