Might as well kick off this blog with a track from 21 years ago today, which also happens to be my first show.  Townshend Park was a great place to see a concert.  Surrounded by green mountains with a river running through it, the place was simply beautiful.  People were tubing down the river the whole show, and if you didn’t have the $9 to get in, all you had to do was wade across the river and you were in.  On site camping and mini golf added to the awesome factor.  Weather was great and so was the show- 3 sets starting around 2PM and ending before sundown (no lights).  I think there were probably about 600 or 700 people there, which was a big show for the time.  The band played up on this weird little porch thing that I thought was going to collapse during Good Times Bad Times.  A highlight of the show is this set two closing Antelope.  Check it out:

Download the whole show here: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=e64969679d601a07ab1eab3e9fa335ca7a3901c2f382e00a

Handbill from the show....