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OK…contrary to popular belief, I have not been abducted by aliens. While I thought I was for a second during 11/24/90 and I def was during 12/31/95,   this time I don’t have that good of an excuse for my lack of posts (unless kids and a job are what constitutes alien abduction these days).  Also contrary to popular belief, I have not run out of olden times shows to write about- in fact, I have been having a hard time deciding what show to feature next.  I figured I would ease back into it with a short post about the first show of  1995, Lowell Memorial Auditorium.  While I like to generally focus on earlier shows than ’95, this show was attended by so few people (compared to other ’95 shows) that I think it qualifies.

This was kind of unique show for a couple of reasons .  Number one, it was a Pro-Choice benefit and number two, it included some opening acts which is/was pretty rare.  Due to the fact that this was a pro-choice benefit, there was pretty major security.  It is the only show I have ever been to with a picket line and metal detectors.  Because of all of the nutty pro-lifers, you had to show up with ID and your ticket and get a bracelet at the box office.  There were no ticket transfers so you could not get a ticket outside the show, even if you wanted to.  Luckily, we went to the super secret NYC Ticketmaster (Rite-Aid on Delancey) and scored first row tickets (peep the stub above) when they went on sale.  The drive up to Lowell from NYC seemed to take forever. The Duck and I got there and met up with our friend Brooke (RIP) to all go in together.  The scene outside was crazy with the picket line, but we got our bracelets and made it through the metal detectors and into the show. We made it down to our seats on the right hand aisle of the first row in time for EBN (Emergency Broadcast Network).  EBN was actually kind of cool.  They were from Rhode Island and came put with a whole multimedia thing, big screen behind them and stuff.  I remember thinking it was pretty cool and interesting.  Kind of political if I recall.  Jennifer Trynin, I don’t remember too much of.  I think she came out and did a pretty benign acoustic set, but I could be wrong.  After that, it was time for the Phish, and in line with the day up until then, the set unfolded unpredictably:

Soundcheck: Tweezer -> I’ll Come Running -> Tweezer Reprise

Set 1Don’t You Want To Go?Ha Ha Ha > Spock’s BrainStrange Design,RebaTheme From the BottomHold Your Head Up > Lonesome Cowboy BillHold Your Head UpFreeGlide IIYou Enjoy MyselfSweet AdelineSample in a Jar

EncoreI’ll Come Running -> Gloria

It was kinda weird in the first row and nobody was dancing at first, plus we didn’t know any of the songs.  I might be remembering it incorrectly, but the security guards might have been asking us to sit.  Still, Ha Ha Ha was cool and it was great to help pick the name for Spock’s Brain. When they started Reba, people finally got up and started moving.  Recognized as one of the top Rebas ever played, this version is note perfect.  You can listen to it over and over and still be amazed by it.  The first ever Theme From the Bottom kept it going, and it’s a great version.  Lonesome Cowboy Bill was a welcome surprise in the Fish slot and more debuts followed in the form of Free (which I loved instantly) and Glide II (so killer).  A sweet trifecta of  YEM, Adeline and Sample brought the show to a neat close.  I wish I could say that I knew I’ll Come Running when they started it, but it was my two friends, Vinnie and the Duck that went nuts.  They were/are huge Eno fans and they called it in about 3 or 4 seconds.  I’ve really like it and wonder why they only played it this one time.   And Gloria Steinem came out on stage and they played Gloria for her which was obv sick too. People were digging it. All in all a very fun and memorable show.  This show was the launching pad for the next month’s Summer Tour and it got everyone primed for that and the monstrous Fall tour to follow. Back with some more posts soon!

Glide II might be my favorite track from this show: 

I love this debut version of Theme:  

And here is the encore, worth a listen if only for the rarity of these tracks:

MP3 Link to the whole show here: