The Palace Theatre was a cool place to see Phish.  I didn’t make it to this show but got to see the monster show the next night in Binghamton (post forthcoming).  I did see the last two shows at the Palace in December and have some cool stories to share about those shows in a later post.  Anyway, all New Haven shows were rad because you could hit Frank Pepe or Sally’s for pizza pre-show (or hunt for records at Cutlers) and you could rock Mamouns after the show…Food aside, New Haven has always brought out the best in Phish.  Even though I did not attend this show, I have always been a fan of the “Andrew Jam” from the soundcheck….Named for then tour manager Andrew Fischbeck (who was always really generous with putting me on the list), this jam is pretty well known….for those who have never had a chance to check it out, here you go.  Good stuff if you ask me…..

Here’s the Lullaby from the same soundcheck:

MP3 of the whole show and soundcheck here: