Tomorrow being 10/6, I figured I would throw up a quick one from the first time Phish played the Capitol Theatre.  I’ll get more into the significance of the Capitol Theatre when I showcase a full, headlining show from this venue in the future.  I first went to the Capitol in 1982 or 1983 when I went to see the AC/DC Let There Be Rock concert film, which did indeed rock.  This was a somewhat “hometown” show for me as my parents lived right over the border in Connecticut.  My friend Jeannie worked at Utopia (local head shop) where they had a Ticketmaster outlet.  She got me the first ticket out of the computer (check it out above), front row center.  Stoked!  Unfortunately, this was not a headlining gig and Teh Phish was opening up for Blues Traveler.  It’s interesting to look back at the paths each band has taken, but at this time, BT was the hottest thing going on the jam band scene (to most people) with Phish and Spin Doctors battling it out for second.  Funny how things change…..Anyway, this was pretty hot for a one set show and they closed with the debut of the Popper/Anastasio tune “Don’t Get Me Wrong”.  A pretty straight-ahead rock tune, they only did this one three times…

Check it out:

A pretty cool rocker, but nothing insane….gets kind of funky halfway through and ends with a pretty slick vocal jam and a trombone squawk from Fish.  Not a bad start to a venue they would be headlining (and destroying) only 5 weeks later on 11/24.  The Blues Traveler set was pretty decent too as crowd energy was high and they hadn’t burned everyone out on their set yet….

MP3 of the whole set can be found here:

Not sure if that is the soundboard or the AUD, both circulate….By the way, $16 for a ticket was insane for this time period but BT had to pay for their fancy bus….